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I'm Googie. Mainly, I write fanfics about the show 'Castle'. Some might call it lame, but it fulfills some of my need for a creative outlet. I wish I could figure out how to turn housecleaning into a good creative outlet, but I haven't figured that out yet. So for now, I write and I have a messy house.

New Chapter: "Just Lock Them in a Room and Make Them Talk!"

"While I prefer our previous position, this one isn’t so bad either," he quipped.  But expecting an eyeroll or a swat or some other Beckett move, he reverted right back to their previous topic.  "Are you trying to tell me that you need some sort of food-based sustenance?  That you can’t live on love alone?" — Chapter 9, Peace and Laughter, “Just Lock Them in a Room and Make Them Talk!”

(I’m sure most people have read it by now because I actually posted the chapter last night.  But I was falling asleep and was almost typing nonsense in my author’s note, so I decided to save the tumblr/twitter updates for after I’d had some sleep and could function normally.)